Welcome to AquaTrust Service. We are RO Water Purifier Service Center in Kolkata and now expanding to entire West Bengal, through our Branches. According to an estimate, almost 50% of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water  purifier market in India are occupied by local products like Aqua Fresh RO, Aqua Grand RO, Aqua Grand Plus RO etc. These products are assembled locally. Due to very low pricing of these products, they sell in huge quantity. Customers purchase these products mainly due to 3 reasons. Firstly the price is cheap. Secondly the product is sold by local direct selling agencies. Finally the purified water quality is almost the same.

Aqua Fresh RO, Aqua Grand RO, Aqua Grand Plus RO

Water Purifier Service Problems

The problem that 90% of the customers who bought these product is with the After Sales Service. Good number of customers purchase these products from online market places. Who do not have control over After Sales Service. Some times customers buy these products from any local seller, who often wind up their business or are reluctant to give after sales service as promised while selling the product.

AquaTrust Water Purifier Service Concept

First Time in India, State wide Service Network for non Branded RO Water Purifers like Aqua Fresh RO, Aqua Grand RO, Aqua Grand Plus, RCM RO in West Bengal. Our main concept is to provide After Sales Service for non Branded products in an organized manner. We assure you to provide service quality at par with the Top Brands in India. Our aim to to provide water purifier service through out West Bengal, maintaining Same quality of spare parts, Same Service Charges, Same Cost of Spare Parts. Although our Branches may be separate business entity but all the actions of each Branch will be monitored centrally so that our customers get quick, efficient & cost effective service at all places. We will monitor the performance of each spare parts, our customer purchases.

Do not worry, what ever is the brand of water purifier you are using. When we are providing your service, you are rest assured that you will get the best possible service

Who is AquaTrust Service?

AquaTrust Service are a group of Technical people experienced in Water Purifiers.  We are specially working on RO Systems. This is a water purifier service centre network in West Bengal. We have specialization in RO Water Purifier Service of any brand, any capacity and any model. This organization is headed and motivated by some senior persons from water purifier service of top brands in India. That is why we are able to provide systematic service matching the service quality of leading Brands.